I3This.com is /deff/ <b>Coming Soon</b>! ... ... <i><b>Honest</b>!</i> And I3That.com along with it! :-)

Thanks, DreamHost, I'll step in here now.

The DreamHost customer who owns exhibitum.com (that would be me, ben aka @bentrem aka Bernard D. Tremblay) has not yet uploaded their website or has chosen to leave this holding page active. [Or, 3rd choice, s/he me it decided to rip off DreamHost's "QuickStart" page to customize as a placeholder. JustSayin'.]

If you are the owner of this domain, you'll find your login information contained within the emails sent to you when your account was activated. [*blink* Yes, I know.] Once logged in, you'll be able to delete this page (quickstart.html) and begin uploading your new site. [Or, heh, impliment option #3!]

Also, here are some helpful links for getting started! [Aren't these kids great?!]


Here's some of my stuff:



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